ISM-Charlotte 2018 Supply Chain Management Professional of the Year


Lydia Rowson - 2018 Supply Chain Management Professional of the Year

Lydia has been given recognition for her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in bringing education to the forefront for ISM-Charlotte.

She has been an active member of ISM for many years and currently sits on the ISM-Charlotte affiliate board of directors. Lydia attended the ISM affiliate leadership training in 2016 were she was able to network with many of the national affiliate leaders and bring their best practices to ISM-Charlotte. Lydia currently has plans to work on her CPSM. She regularly attends our dinner meetings and has been the point person for many of our tours and educational activities. She has truly taken ISM to a different level with the enthusiasm and programs she has offered our members.

Lydia is a professional in Supply Chain in many aspects. She shares best practices with others and helps promote the standards of our profession. She has been a mentor to many of our members and to many others in our profession from her workplace to the affiliate membership. She has devoted much of her time to the improvement of our programs, tours and our dinner meetings for all our members within our affiliate and strives to promote certification. She was instrumental in hosting an event at her workplace to introduce her team to ISM and the member benefits.

Lydia has consistently reached out to many institutions and supplier locations to promote ISM and bring our members and non-members educational meetings and tours. She strives and encourages all our members to seek their educational hierarchy and obtain their CPSM certification and promotes ISM as a whole. She has been the point person for all our tours. Her professional relationships with peers, and her tireless efforts in bringing education to the forefront to all of our members has not gone unnoticed. This has allowed the Charlotte affiliate to bring our members an experience for education and professional growth to another level.

Some people go above and beyond the requirements of their individual jobs and truly work to improve the supply chain profession as a whole. Lydia continuously sets high standards for excellence not only in her workplace but within our organization on a regular basis. She truly is a Supply Chain Management Professional in all aspects.