2019 ISM-Charlotte Supply Chain Professional of the Year



Frank Oswalt - 2019 Supply Chain Management Professional of the Year


Frank is being recognized for his outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in bringing professionalism to the forefront of ISM-Charlotte.

Frank has been an active member of ISM for many years. He currently sits on the ISM - Charlotte affiliate board and has for over 3 years. He has also attended the affiliate leadership training in the past two years. There, he played a role in networking with many of our national affiliate leaders and brought their best practices to ISM-Charlotte. Frank is currently CPSM certified and above all a veteran of the US Army. He attends all our dinner meetings regularly and has spoken at one to review the ISM business report where he helped to educate our members on the usage of the report.

Frank is a professional in Supply Chain by many aspects. He shares best practices with others and helps promote the standards of our profession. He has been a mentor to many of our members and to many others in our profession from his workplace and beyond. He has devoted much of his time to the improvement of our programs, dinner meetings and reaches out to promote ISM within our area.

Frank is a true and outstanding leader in many aspects. On a consistent basis Frank has reached out to many local young professionals to promote ISM, grow and mentor them. He strives and encourages all our members to seek their educational hierarchy and obtain their CPSM certification and promote ISM as a whole. His professional relationships with peers, and tireless efforts in bringing ISM to the forefront to all our members has not gone unnoticed.

Some people go above and beyond the requirements of their individual jobs and truly work to improve the supply chain profession as a whole. Frank continuously sets these high standards for excellence not only in his workplace but within our organization on a regular basis. He truly is a Supply Chain Management Professional in all aspects.



Board of Directors Planning Retreat for 2018-2019


ISM-Charlotte, Inc. Board of Directors Planning Retreat

Location: Charlotte, NC (NASCAR Hall of Fame) 







On August 18th, 2018, the Board of Directors held a meeting to discuss numerous topics including:

  • A look back to last year’s results and accomplishments
  • A look forward to this year’s expectations, opportunities, and additional value to bring to our membership

 Throughout this meeting, the board discussed topics around:

  • Aligning Organizational Goals
  • Membership & Growth

  • ISM- National Conference in Houston, TX April 7-10, 2019

  • ISM- Charlotte Spring Conference 2019 (additional details to come)

  • Tours

  • Meeting Dynamics

 ISM-Charlotte’s Board of Directors is very excited to get the year kicked off. The organization discussed many opportunities to engage our membership with continuing education, enhancing professional networks, and connecting to all aspects of Supply Chain within the Charlotte community. The organization’s goal for the upcoming fiscal year is to enhance our Member’s experience through exciting plant tours, interactive meetings, and new opportunities we have yet to explore. 

We are thrilled for the initial dinner meeting on September 13th and BMW Plant Tour in Greenville, SC on October 18th (BMW’S only American factory). We look forward to seeing you there!


CPSM Exam Update


CPSM Exam Updates Coming Soon!


ISM is encouraging those currently working on their CPSM® to complete their exams now, before they change! Whether you're already in the CPSM® pipeline or thinking about earning this certification, you still have time to achieve this important professional milestone.


New courseware will be introduced in April 2018 and updated exams in September 2018.