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Is 3D printing really printing?!


3D printing is the process of producing 3-dimensional objects from a computer file, where the part is built by adding material layer-by-layer.

3D printing presents many significant advantages over the more traditional manufacturing methods of subtractive manufacturing & injection molding.

Some benefits of 3D printing:

Speed: it provides the ability to design, manufacture & test a customized part in as little time as possible. The design can be modified w/o adversely affecting the speed of the manufacturing process.

Cost: only 1 system & a single part time operator is required to manufacture a part. There is far less waste material because the part is built from the ground up, not carved out of a solid block as it is in subtractive manufacturing & usually does not require additional tooling.

Flexibility: a printer can create almost anything that fits within its build volume.

Join us May 26th at 1pm EDT to learn how you might be able to use 3D printers at your company. Sarah Scudder, Roger Buck and Greg Austermann will discuss the cool things happening in 3D printing and give you a LIVE demo of 3D printers making products. They’ll also show you some products made by 3D printers.


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Event date: 05/26/2021 1:00 pm
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Speaker Roger Buck, Greg Austermann, Sarah Scudder
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